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Been practicing my guitar...get ready!

2008-08-07 04:38:58 by MoreJosh

So i been practicing on my beginner electric guitar kit i bought from guitar center. i can play lots of stuff now. i could already play easy stuff like seven nation army and smoke on water. but since i been practisizin like a hour daily, i can play the Top Gun theme, Master of Puppets interlude, sweet child o mine, etc.. once i get my line6 Pocket POD in late august, i can record to my computer and u can listen to my stuff i practice. oh btw i learned how to tap, like how Kirk Hammet does in the beginning of the Metallica-One solo. itz kool.

This is guitar kit i bought. - here.

Pocket POD - here

Been practicing my guitar...get ready!


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2008-08-10 03:29:04

u sound weak. What makes u strong?????

MoreJosh responds:

green beans.


2008-08-11 01:44:25


MoreJosh responds:

Sorry, that was my brother who was 0 voting people. I sent apology messages to everyone he did that to.