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Entry #4

Modded my beginner kit! ~ Please comment!

2008-08-14 23:57:56 by MoreJosh

Ok well since it is a beginner kit and made in China, I think the measurements are a tad bit different on this Squier Strat than an American Stratocaster. The black pickup covers I ordered wouldn't fit, so I sent them back for my money back. I decided to spray paint my original white ones black instead. The green pearloid pickguard I ordered had its screwholes almost the same as my original, but they were minutely changed. Anyway, I managed to screw the screws in diagonally to accomadate for the minute differences in screwhole location. Added black TONE and VOLUME knobs, and the 5-way switcher I changed to black also. The total finished product:

Modded my beginner kit! ~ Please comment!


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2008-08-18 13:26:01

it looks seriously cool.

MoreJosh responds:

Thanks man, I'm psyched about it too! :D


2010-07-17 03:16:35

looks pretty good.

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