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Entry #1

hisssss...I wanna be....high.

2008-01-27 18:33:25 by MoreJosh

My name is robert...uhh damn i 4got the last name. anyway we r in central park lololol and der is a giant huge monster who is att4ked us. his name is cloverfi3ld or whatever. if you see this, you probably know more about it than me. i am going to die from a bomb in like 10 seconds lawlalal. but meh.

p.s.- remember when dat girl exploded cuz she gawt bit? dat was teh hilareeus.

hisssss...I wanna be....high.


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2008-06-23 15:18:49

Thats an awesome Granny

MoreJosh responds:

thats my granny


2010-07-17 03:33:52

my gramma wants me to get her a weed connection.

if you think im joking your wrong.